On My Walk


On My Walk is a picture book written by Kari-Lynn Winters and illustrated by Christina Leist. It is a short, colourful book, ideal for a child 18 months and older.

The pages are glossy and illustrated, although not thick enough to hold up to too much toddler manipulation. The illustrations are enough to hold a young child’s attention, however, so they should be content with a parent turning the pages. The copy that I obtained also was starting to come loose at the spine, so this may not be one for a particularly destructive young creature.

Each page has at most four words on it, with a corresponding illustration. There is a thin plot, where a young child goes for a walk with their parent and a dog, but it is simply presented and predictable, so it will be easy for the child to follow along. Helping to maintain interest are short onomatopeic phrases peppered throughout, such as clippity-clop made by a horse.

The child will find the repetitive phrasing and the predictable wording an invitation to repeat what they hear. There is enough detail in each page for an inquisitive young one to point to, without distracting them from the written sentences. One drawback of this book is that the colouring is a little unappealing. The muted browns and greens are the same throughout, with little that pops out.

Overall, this book is a delight that introduces familiar everyday sights and activities. The few flaws prevent a full five flashlight rating.

Four Flashlights



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