My Very First Book of Colors

My Very First Book of Colors is written and illustrated by the famous Eric Carle. It is a core concept board book focusing on colour identification concepts while being a tactile experience for young readers and parents.

Like so many Eric Carle books, the illustrations are rich and colourful with his distinct style and heavy brush strokes. The pictures and wording is clear and draws the eyes in all the correct places without adding distracting background images or filler details. There’s no story component so this book is accessible to early ages and supports 3 of the important parts of Every Child Ready to Read: talking, reading and playing.

My Very First Book of Colors lends itself to talking and reading at the very early stages of literacy and pre-literacy. Single word pages like green, blue or pink make for an easy introduction to reading and talking with children while using the book. The book truly comes alive, however, at the play stages thanks to the unique design of the book itself.


The split design is the highlight of this book allowing parents to read to the child while turning multiple pages, and allowing children to either play with multiple pages at an early stage or turn the pages themselves once more confident. As readers slowly develop reading and identification skills, parents will be able to use the book to ask questions like “what colour is the lemon?” or “is the butterfly green?” and children will be able to turn the secondary page and find the appropriate word or image.

An ideal pickup as an early concept book, My Very First Book of Colors by Eric Carle is an excellent board book for young readers and the split page design will surely keep young hands busy and young faces smiling.



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