Green Eggs and Ham


This is a classic book by the iconic Dr. Seuss that some parents may remember having read in their own childhood. It is a masterful combination of words and pictures that would be ideal for children ages 4-6. Younger children will enjoy having this book read to them, as it is full of colourful illustrations and rhythmic rhyming language.

Green Eggs and Ham is set in a world populated by Dr. Seuss’ iconic anthropomorphic furry humanoid creatures. The nameless protagonist is accosted by a persistent Sam-I-Am, who insists on making him try the green eggs and ham. Sam-I-Am keeps up his pursuit for most of the book, setting up scenarios where he suggests to try the dish in various ways (in the rain / on the train). Finally, the exhausted protagonist relents, and finds he enjoys green eggs and ham after all! Parents of picky eaters will find much to relate to, and so will the picky eaters, too.

This book is ideal for helping a young reader’s developing literacy skills. Besides the rhyming, there is frequent repetition (You may like them. You will see. You may like them/ in a tree!) which means the reader has only a few phrases per page to decipher before they can read it in its entirety. Cognitive development is also helped along by the illustrations, which help keep the narrative together in such a repetitive text. Sam-I-Am, the protagonist, and a host of other Seussian creatures travel across the page by rail, by car, on foot, and by boat. All this visual interest helps the reader keep track of where they are in the story.

The unusual colour of the food provides a good frame for introducing this story. Parents can ask about their child’s favourite food, then ask if they would like it if it were… GREEN! Parents can extend the child’s interaction with the book by giving them pictures of food to colour, or making some green cookies with the child.

This timeless classic has a lot to offer the youngest generation, and parents should not hesitate to add this to the family bookshelf!



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